Collection: Superheroes

Seems like Superheroes are everywhere nowadays. Film, TV, comics and the internet have gone positively radioactive with supers, and it is hard not to catch the fever. Luckily you can become your all time favorite super hero, or just dress like one with Superhero costume T-shirts.

We don’t discriminate: has Superhero costume T-shirts for a wide range of superheroes both Marvel and DC. Whether it has been your dream to wield the golden lasso of truth as Wonder Woman, save the world from space invaders as one of the Avengers, or swing from the buildings of New York City as the Amazing Spider-Man, has got something for everyone.

If evil is more your style, new villain costume T-shirts are now available for the Joker too! Don’t worry; we offer costume T-shirts for both the zany classic Joker and the maniacal Dark Knight Joker.

We also carry costume socks, boxers and hoodies, which make great gifts for the superhero who has it all.

Superhero Costume T-shirts come in a variety of sizes for youth and adults. Halloween time again so soon? No problem; these T-shirts make a great no fuss Halloween costume. Superpowers (unfortunately) not included.